James Ferry Tells "Just-Right Stories"

James Ferry tells "Just-Right Stories" to the delight of every kind of audience, from kindergarteners to seniors.

  • Schools
  • Libraries
  • Festivals
  • Churches
  • Museums
  • Camp fires
  • Youth groups
  • Business functions
  • Professional meetings
  • After dinner
  • Keynote

"James' stories are full of energy, wit, and wisdom. They entertain, they teach without preaching, and they satisfy. His character voices add a wonderful dimension to his stories."

    Program Themes
  • Folk Tales From Around the World
  • Cost of a mail order bride Stories
  • Character Education
  • Wisdom Tales
  • Scary Stories

Program Themes

Tom developed the acclaimed "Beginners Circle" Storytelling Workshop Series to bolster membership during his presidency of the Houston Storytellers Guild in 1999. It not only accomplished that, but it proved to be an effective means of promoting the formation of new storytelling circles. Tom has continued to offer the series for free each spring to encourage and enable beginning and novice tellers, and to thereby promote the growth of storytelling in families, schools, and communities.

    James can tailor a workshop for your organization along any one of several themes:
  • Beginning Storytelling
  • Storytelling for Docents and Interpreters
  • The Role of Storytelling in Leadership
  • Storytelling for Professionals (clergy, attorneys, sales staff)
  • Storytelling in the Classroom
  • Raising Your Family With Stories
  • Developing Personal and Family Stories
  • Finding Stories to Tell
  • Developing Stories for Telling
  • Styles & Methods of Storytelling Performance
  • Coaching, Feedback & Critique in a Group Setting

Coaching with Individuals and Groups

James, You continue to astound me with your wise perception of the art of storytelling. You are a wonderful teacher for all of us. Karen Chace, East Freetown, MA

I worked with Tom intensely over a period of a month and a half on a very difficult story. His suggestions were right on target, and helped enormously in shaping and performing the story. He is an excellent coach. His work reflects intelligence, courtesy, kindness, and humor; with a deep and intrinsic sensitivity to the spirit of both teller and tale. Kimberley King, Bend, OR

James, Your ideas on relistening to some of the stories that I have been doing for awhile were very helpful. Videos of my performances showed that I wasn't misusing verb tense as badly as I had thought; however, I did see many other things vocally and physically that I wasn't aware of doing. Thanks again. Rosie Cutrer, Topeka, KS